Buzzy Bees - Baby & Toddler Room

Our Buzzy Bees Baby and Toddler Room strives to be a “home away from home”.
We here at Donna's Montessori understand how hard it can be for parents and guardians to hand over the care of their baby for the first time.  Our dedicated and experienced carers make this adjustment an easy one.

We provide a personal level of attention and care to all babies in our care.

Prior to your child starting with us, carers and Managers will discuss with all aspects of your baby’s care in great detail, accommodating any special request you may have.

We maintain a high ratio of carers to babies.

We provide diaries, updated daily that detail your baby’s activities, nutrition, sleeping, nappy changes, medical administration etc. allowing you to monitor your baby’s routine closely.  As your child grows and develops we will ensure that your baby’s routine changes with their needs.

Babies in our care enjoy fun and exciting days that include art, water play, singing, art, messy play, sensorial play etc.


In the sleep room each child has their own individual cot.  This room offer a soothing, calm, atmosphere where your baby may nap as they need it.

The play room, in contrast, provides a colourful and stimulating environment, where there is a vast variety of age appropriate toys and equipment which will meet every baby’s overall developmental needs in a homely, cosy environment.

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