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Our Childcare  Options

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Buzzy Bees - Baby & Toddler Room


In our specially designed room, Donna's Montessori provides places for babies from 3 months old.  We aim to follow your baby’s routine as much as possible and your child’s primary caregiver will work with you to ensure an easy transition from home.  Each baby has their own cot in our Sleep Room.  Click Here for more information.

​Caterpillar - Pre Montessori Room


As your child prepares to enter Montessori / Preschool / ECCE we help them to excel in their development while having fun.  By having fun they are improving their skills without it being hard work.  New activities include arts & crafts, reading, baking, life skills, physical exercises, music and role play.  As your child’s independence develops, toilet training begins and our toilets are specifically designed to cater for this.  Click Here for more information,

Butterfly - Montessori Room

Our Montessori School (ECCE programme) provides a prepared environment where children develop their own skills: Sensory, Cultural, Language and Arithmetic.  To reap the full benefits of this curriculum, we recommend children attend a two-year programme prior to commencing their primary education.  Click Here
for more information.

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